Advancing through the First Tee Junior Golf Programs

At First Tee – Colorado Rocky Mountains, we offer a number of junior golf programs in Colorado and youth golf programs. Our new junior golf classes are based on age and skill level. Please refer to the levels below to find the proper class for your junior golf student. 

Eligibility is based on your child’s age on the 1st day of classes. Classes take place all year round and the availability of outdoor classes depends upon weather conditions on the day of classes.

Players’ Club Tournament Series (Summer Only)

Our Players’ Club Tournament Series is a unique experience that allows junior golf students to participate in a team structure while competing. In this junior golf program in Colorado, students can compete with their team in weekly tournaments while practicing multiple times a week with a qualified instructor!

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Birdie Program (Summer Only)

Our newly revamped Birdie Program is designed to help the serious junior golfer work on the skills to take their game to the next level. This class is limited to students who have passed our 12+ Level II certification. Each class is focused on a major skill to help you hone your child’s ability.

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More Than Just Golf

At First Tee – Colorado Rocky Mountains, we offer a wide variety of youth golf programs in Colorado. All of our programs are structured to teach core values, like sportsmanship, and educate players on a wide array of academic subjects. Youth participants learn valuable lessons including: 

  • The importance of maintaining a good attitude on and off the course; 
  • How to make important decisions by considering their potential outcomes; 
  • How to behave appropriately regardless of whether they win or lose at any given activity; 
  • And how to transfer the First Tee Nine Core Values (such as responsibility, honesty, etc.) from the golf course into everyday life. 

Each First Tee program aims to have purposeful programming for every interaction. At First Tee – Colorado Rocky Mountains, we make serious efforts to maintain a high level of instructor retention so that the staff members can continue growing with the players and eventually see them through to college. Part of our vision is for every junior golf student to eventually carry a golf club in one hand and a degree in the other. 

Junior golf is a key part of First Tee, but it’s not all that we do. Our junior golf programs in Colorado help build and strengthen character, and your children will learn life skills that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. Through our instruction, we’ll help your children with things like: 

  • Understanding and managing emotions 
  • Positively handling conflicts 
  • Creating and implementing step-by-step goals 
  • Planning for the future 
  • Appreciating and respecting diversity 
  • And more