Why Golf?

Experiences are our greatest teacher. First Tee believes in developing the ones that are just as fun as they are meaningful, where kids feel excited to grow, safe to fail, and better equipped for whatever comes their way next. Through our personal growth and junior golf programs, we see kids’ build self confidence, inspiring more active participation in leadership opportunities and events, community involvement, and college scholarships.

Kids Golf – Colorado School Program: 

There’s an abundance of convincing evidence that youth involved in our programs transferred essential life skills into multiple settings which they learned through the game of golf. We’ve structured the curriculum of our programs for kids’ golf in Colorado, combined with trained educators, to empower kids with a set of skills that prepares them for a lifetime of new challenges. And through our partnerships with Denver schools, we’ve been able to share the game of golf in schools across the metro area and beyond. 

kids golf in colorado school programs

Since 2004, First Tee has been integrating the First Tee School Program into PE classes across the country. We’ve provided teachers at elementary and middle schools across the country with our curriculum designed around the game of golf. Through our impressive programs, we’re helping students develop essential life skills and positive attitudes. In addition to our kids’ golf programs, we work with the school to identify funding opportunities for our non-profit, such as sponsors or donations. 

Our kids’ golf program in Colorado aligns with the National Standards for Physical Education established by the Society of Health & Physical Educators (SHAPE). It provides physical educators with the ability to adapt kids’ golf lessons to fit their specific classroom settings.

What’s provided:

The First Tee School Program gives physical educators all the tools they need to get started and integrate golf into their curriculum. We provide training, equipment, and lessons that help your kids learn how to play golf by integrating life skills and values with your game. We have an online community for educators who teach our program and youth leaders who lead it as well. They help us distribute the curriculum and connect people from different parts of the country. 

Ready to Get Started?

To learn more about implementing our kids golf program in your school, contact us and we will provide you with additional information. 

Additional Programming for Golf in Schools in Colorado 

Because of the positive feedback from schools that First Tee – Colorado Rocky Mountains has received for its programs, physical education (P.E.) teachers have invited our staff members to teach their students golf skills and life skills during school and after school. Currently, 31 different schools throughout the Denver metro area and the Front Range participate in these programs with First Tee. Our programs provide students with an opportunity to interact with different adults throughout their school day and learn new skills. 

If you are interested in having First Tee – Colorado Rocky Mountains come to your school, please email Erica Yates at [email protected].

Here’s some additional information on the current educational golf programs for kids that we offer in schools.

Read ‘n’ Swing

The Read ‘n’ Swing program is a simple concept that works. Students read engaging kid-friendly books with staff and volunteers before applying that knowledge on the course. Our student-to-instructor ratios never exceed a two-to-one ratio throughout this course. Students spend quality time reading before participating in a kid’s golf experience. 

By encouraging students to read outside of a traditional classroom environment (on the course), they learn to associate academics with their lives outside of school. Our caring and engaging mentors encourage students to read and find inspiration in the materials, so that students can improve and get better at reading. Generally, First Tee volunteers and staff members will work with the same kids for an entire school year to develop a strong bond with each student. 

Club Building

In this program for kids’ golf in Colorado, students learn how to design and construct their own custom golf club set from scratch. When the sparks fly as a club shaft is being cut, excitement is in the air and the students are happy to learn essential math skills in the process. By building clubs for their own individual swing speed, players will be able to see how different club heads affect their distance off the tee. 

In addition, the children measure their own heights to determine the correct size of the clubs. Club making allows children to express themselves creatively through these artistic activities and unique games. The opportunity also teaches students how to make decisions and solve problems. The curriculum emphasizes mathematics, reading, and scientific skills while the children find an interest in and motivation for learning a new sport.