What to Look for in Denver Afterschool Programs

There are lots of things to consider when choosing an afterschool program. You need to make sure the program aligns with your child’s interests and what they are willing to try; you never know what they might end up liking! However, if you’re searching Denver for afterschool programs, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. 

4 Important Parts of a Quality Denver Afterschool Program 

Afterschool programs are an important part of the school day for many students. These activities provide opportunities for kids to learn, socialize and have fun with their peers while also getting some extra help from knowledgeable mentors. However, not all afterschool programs are created equal. Some offer quality experiences that can be replicated in the classroom, while others may offer another way to spend time doing things outside of school. 

As you compare your options for afterschool programs and activities in Denver, make sure you keep the following considerations at top-of-mind. 


Safety should be the first priority for any afterschool program. If there is ever a safety issue while your child is at the afterschool activity, it can have serious consequences for your child’s well-being and development. Whether your child gets an injury or they just generally feel unsafe, you can expect your child to feel less inclined to get involved. At any afterschool program, you want to make sure that your child is always supervised by trained staff members who are able to handle any situation that may arise. 

Quality Services 

Another important part of any afterschool program in Denver is the quality of the services provided. Make sure that the program provides high-quality activities and educational opportunities for children. In an ideal afterschool program, children will build new skills, get great opportunities for exercise, and build new bonds with youth participants. This type of quality service will help your children develop their skills and abilities while having fun at the same time. 

Fun Activities

Fun activities are another key element of the top afterschool programs. Children need to have fun during their free time so that they don’t get bored and have chances to stimulate their minds. Children additionally need to explore opportunities to learn how to interact with other kids and adults in a positive way. So, do your research and make sure the afterschool activities you’re considering will be fun and engaging for your children. 


Diversity is something that every afterschool program should strive to offer. Kids from all different backgrounds and cultures should be included in the activities offered. This helps kids learn about other people and cultures as well as build friendships with others. 

What Can First Tee – Colorado Rocky Mountains Offer You? 

At First Tee – Colorado Rocky Mountains, we offer a number of junior golf programs in Colorado that perfect afterschool activities for youth players. Our new junior golf classes are based on age and skill level. With a variety of programs to fit any age and skill level, we are sure that you will be able to find the perfect fit for your child. Check out our full list of program offerings today. 

What Makes First Tee Special? 

When First Tee – Colorado Rocky Mountains started in Colorado, more than 90% of the children players involved were in the free and/or reduced lunch programs at nearby schools. To combat those issues, we have structure our junior golfer programs to be free or require reduced fees and offered more than just playing the game. 

 The purpose of our Denver afterschool program has been to get more young people involved in the sport of golf – especially those who were underserved. Denver’s Municipal Golf Courses are mainly located in older inner-city neighborhoods. Because of that, the racial makeup of these neighborhoods is primarily African American and Hispanic. However, the participants of most Junior Golfer Programs have been predominantly white youths from wealthier parts of Denver. As a result, golf wasn’t just unpopular; it was strange to the children living nearest to the golf course. 

That’s how we came to be. Now First Tee is a national organization and the Colorado Rocky Mountains chapter is the third largest in the country, serving thousands of kids every year. To us, golf isn’t just a game, it’s an opportunity to teach kids real-life skills and help shape their futures for the better. 

Ready to See First Tee in Action?  

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