2018 Scholarship Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2018 Scholarship Winners! This year First Tee - Denver was able to award four $10,000 scholarships with the help of our wonderful sponsors!

Injury Finance Scholarship

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Kyle Moe - As I go forward on my path toward college, this scholarship will allow me to have the peace of mind necessary to succeed. There is so much that I want to do, that I want to work on both in out of the classroom that this scholarship will help me achieve. The First Tee has always been somewhere I've felt as if I could pursue what I truly enjoyed and through this scholarship I can do this as I go on to college and beyond. 
O'Sullivan Law Firm Scholarship 
Mateo Manzanares- I knew in my heart that I would one day receive this scholarship, but that did not stop me from giving all I had to give to The First Tee of Denver. I believe I will be the first alum from this chapter to go on and play Division I Men’s Golf. I attribute a lot of this accomplishment to the program. The caring coaches and mentors of The First Tee of Denver taught me not only how to play golf, but also love the sport for its rich history and core values. National First Tee opportunities opened my eyes to reality of continuing to play golf at a high level. I only have one opportunity to play collegiate sports. The scholarship is going to a proven student who will excel at a university in the same way as I have at Kent Denver High School. I have a work ethic that is unmatched, and I enjoy challenges. I plan to build upon my public speaking and become a more persuasive speaker, and most likely go to school to be a politician or lawyer. My unique experiences render holistic contributions to difficult issues. My passion for human rights and equality, accompanied by my love for philosophy and reading will function strongly with my significant understandings of how a world could operate. Moving forward as an alum of the program, I will undoubtedly need to call back on the network I have formed with The First Tee of Denver and their donors and sponsors. I can see myself working for other non-profit youth development organizations. I will undoubtedly find a way to give back to my diverse communities in Denver, Colorado. I will partner myself with people of integrity and encounter other pioneers of justice at Hampton University. I am going to a place that encourages students to seek greater meanings in all that they do and use their influence for the benefit of other’s.

Wellshire Golf Community Scholarship

Cole Drew- This scholarship will be invaluable to my college experience. It will give me more financial freedom to attend the university that I truly want to go to. In college I plan to study Political Science and Economics, and hopefully attend law school after I get my undergraduate degree. The First Tee of Denver has been a huge force behind my desired career path. The First Tee of Denver has showed me my passion for service and leadership, and that is what I want to do with my career. 

Ralph L. Smith Foundation Scholarship

Megan Brown- I have not decided where I am going to school next year, but I have some great options and this scholarship eases the financial burden that comes with college. Although I currently do not know where I will end up for school, because of The First Tee, I do know that community service will be an essential component to my future. The First Tee of Denver has equipped me with the skills to get involved in my school community and beyond. I am extremely thankful for this scholarship and for all of the invaluable lessons this program has taught me.