Choose First Tee for Your Colorado Juniors Summer Camps! 

First Tee has become the premier youth golf program across the United States of America, helping kids develop their skills through organized play at over 2,500 courses nationwide. However, it’s not just golf that we teach here at First Tee — Colorado Rocky Mountains. We help kids prepare for their lives in engaging and creative ways that encourage collaboration and outward expression, like at our Colorado juniors summer camps. 

At First Tee, golf is more than just a game; it’s a way to reach kids on a personal level and help guide them toward bright and successful futures.  

Get To Know First Tee: Your Go-To Host for Colorado Juniors Summer Camps 

Since 1996, First Tee has been a national non-profit organization dedicated to developing character, fitness, good sportsmanship, life-long friendships, and academic success through the sport of golf. We’re dedicated to helping youth players build crucial life skills through the sport of golf and gain equitable access to the sport as well. Our youth-oriented programs are designed to be fun, safe, and educational.   

At First Tee – Colorado Rocky Mountains, we offer a variety of programs for kids of all ages, from 4 years old all the way through high school! During the summer, we have multiple golf-focused youth programs that are based on age and skill. These programs are aimed at building up the basics of golf while incorporating fun, engaging, and applicable life lessons and knowledge. 

Your child can learn a great deal at our summer camps! Here are just a few of those things: 

Golf Skills 

At our camps, your child will learn how to play the game of golf, and everything that comes with it. Our participants will, of course, learn how to hit the ball, but also the proper stance and form, the different types of features on the courses, the rules of the game, and proper etiquette. You can also expect your child to learn how to behave well on and off the course. . 

Life Skills 

One of the most important and fundamental parts of all First Tee programs is the belief that golf is more than just a game. It’s an opportunity to teach life skills and lessons in an interesting and entertaining way. At First Tee – Colorado Rocky Mountains, your child will learn: 

  • The importance of maintaining a good attitude on and off the course 
  • How to make important decisions by considering their potential outcomes 
  • How to behave appropriately regardless of whether they win or lose at any given activity 
  • Understanding and managing emotions 
  • Positively handling conflicts 
  • Creating and implementing step-by-step goals 
  • Planning for the future 
  • Appreciating and respecting diversity 
  • And more 

These fundamentals are part of what makes First Tee so unique. We are dedicated to providing children everything they might miss in traditional schooling or programming. You can expect First Tee to be a dependable outlet for your children, just as it has been for so many before them. 

Learn More About our Colorado Juniors Summer Camps 

At the time that First Tee – Colorado Rocky Mountains started, more than 90% of participants were in the free and reduced lunch program at a nearby school. To combat these types of issues, we provided our junior golf program or free or at a lower cost and offered more than just playing the game. 

The goal of the project was to increase golf participation among young people – especially those who had been underserved by traditional programs. Denver’s municipal golf courses are primarily located in older inner-city neighborhoods, and the ethnic mix of these neighborhoods has been predominantly African-American and Hispanic. However, the participants in the city’s junior golf program were primarily Caucasian youth from more affluent areas of Denver. Consequently, golf was not only unpopular – it was just strangely foreign to the kids who lived nearest to the golf course.  

At First Tee, we are dedicated to making a positive impact in local communities by increasing access to golf and making it a more equitable sport. Come and see how we are shaping youth at our Colorado juniors summer camps by signing up today