Operation During COVID-19

Objective The objective of this procedure is to define steps taken to safely operate First Tee programs during the COVID19 health emergency, with focus on operational precautions, physical distancing protocols and cleaning/disinfection practices. Reservations and check-in
  • Participants must not arrive more than 15 minutes before class
  • Each group will have a designated check in site, you will be notified of your check in site before class starts
  • Participants MUST use the restroom BEFORE class, there will be no on-course restrooms
  • Participants must bring their own prefilled water bottle
  • Stations will be spread apart from each other, participants must remain in their pre assigned groups of no more than 10 (including coaches and participants)
  • All participants are required to maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet at all times
  • Safety has always been our top priority throughout this pandemic.  Because of the lifting of the state mask mandate, First Tee can no longer require our staff or participants to wear masks. We are still encouraging our participants, parents, and staff to wear masks, but it is not mandatory.

  • You will still be required to wear a mask indoors.

Rental equipment
  • If participants don’t have their own golf clubs, First Tee will provide clubs for them to use. Clubs will be sanitized between classes.
First Tee Employee Expectations
  • Maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet
  • Wear face coverings secured around the mouth and nose
  • Staff must take temperature and complete wellness check before class
  • Clean and disinfect class area and equipment at the end of each session
  • Reinforce physical distancing requirements for guests through positive dialogue and education