Advanced Classes

Do you want to start playing in competitive tournaments? Get ready to play High School golf?
Be the number one player on the team?

We have the right classes for you!

Our newly revamped Birdie Program is designed to help the serious golfer work on the skills to take their game to the next level

Birdie Program classes are now invitation only and for those who have passed our 12+ Level II certification.

Just take the classes you want! Instead of registering for a six week session, each class is drop in. Sign up for the lesson you want at the time and location you want.

We are offering six different lessons this first fall session and will add more later in the season and will repeat some of these lessons for anyone that missed them. Each lesson will have one major skill that is focused on but will also include some practice playing while working on rules and etiquette. As always, each lesson will also cover one Life Skill.

Each lesson costs $15 and is limited to the first 12 players to register

1. Start hitting your target!

Why doesn’t the ball go where you want it? This session will focus on improving your aim and controlling the shape of your shot so you’ll know exactly where your ball is going to go.

  • Consistently aim as part of your routine
  • Ensure that your set-up will help you hit the ball where you are aimed
  • Work on controlling the shape of your shot for a consistent ball flight

2. Nobody likes a 3 putt!

Everybody can get better at putting and most of us don’t spend enough time practicing it. This session will focus on three things to help you lower your putts per round.

  • Perfect your stroke so every putt is the same, using a consistent motion
  • Work on your touch and feel to control distance
  • Practice reading greens

3. Get out of trouble!

Did you not learn anything at the “Start Hitting your Target” class? You got yourself into trouble on the golf course, now what are you going to do to get yourself out of trouble?

  • Risk vs. Reward – trying to decide if you should go for it or lay up
  • Look at your lie. How does the lie affect your shot
  • Using different clubs to hit different shots
  • Adjust your ball position and set up to make the ball go where you want

4. C’mon, you can hit it farther than that!

Everybody loves the long ball. Work on ways to hit the ball farther than you ever thought possible.

  • Swinging harder doesn’t make the ball go farther
  • Focus on the key generators of power: swing width, hip rotation, and release

5. Fine, I’ll teach you a flop shot!

We told you over and over that getting the ball on the green and letting it roll is the most consistent way to chip but sometimes that just isn’t an option. Let’s learn how to hit the ball high and make it stop quickly on the green.

  • When and where to use a flop shot
  • Set-up, set-up, set-up – you’ll never get the shot to do what you want without a proper set up
  • How to accelerate the golf club and generate spin

6. Stop annoying your friends, play faster!

We all love to play golf but hate having to wait on others in our group or those in front of us. Don’t be that person! Learn and practice techniques to be ready and play faster. We’ll also review other etiquette lessons so that everyone will want you as a playing partner.

  • Make sure you have a consistent routine that isn’t slow
  • Learn to think ahead so you’ll be ready when it’s your turn to play
  • Practice managing your equipment so it isn’t slowing you down
  • Work on other on course etiquette

7. Learn to love your wedges!

Work on your creativity around the green. Get comfortable hitting different types of shots with different types of clubs

  • Focus on set-up and balance to make solid contact on any chip or pitch
  • Learn to adjust your set-up to control the type of shot you are hitting
  • Try different clubs in different situations